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Intervention service





Intervention service provide ensuring of objects. In the case of the monitoring of alarm messages is important to ensure an adequate response. Immediately after the alarm monitoring report is sent to the object the intervention unit. If the monitored alarm can not be verified on the phone, arrives to the object and makes its control..

Professionally-trained intervention service is able to solve operatively any situation. Its activity is based on professional training, knowledge of the local situation, own experience and practice.

The intervention service carries out the other tasks connected with the safety of objects. On the basis of requirements of the customer, e.g, carries out preventive checks of objects Correct set up of this type of aktivity has a great importace for security prevention of subject surveillance. The intervention service is directtly controlled by the operator of ARC.

An important part of the intervention is a professional equipment. An intervention worker is now equipped with a lamp, locating of GPS, radio, personal weapons, but also a camera or medical first-aid package. An intervention vehicle is equipped with further intervention equipment - from an extinguisher, traffic cones to rope or storage device technology. The intervention service is always ready to go to your object.


Procedures for the evaluation of alarms

  1. ARC operator recieve the alarm signal in the monitoring center
  2. the operator calls the contact person, if it wasn't the mistake
  3. in the event that the contact person shall confirm that it was the mistake, the situation is closed as solved
  4. in the case that the customer does not confirm his/her presence in the object and the object is locked, the operator sends the intervence unit (this step takes place in the event that the customer has ordered the intervention service)
  5. ARC operator gives instructions to the intervention unit for intervence
  6. The intervention unit checks the object according to instructions of the ARC operator (according to the concluded contract)
  7. If the unit find out that the object is attacked, gurads the object and contact the Police of CR.



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