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Physical Surveillance (Guarding)

Physical Surveillance (Guarding)


The main purpose of activity of physical surveillance is to protect the lives and health of our customers and to minimize the risk of damage to their property.Physical surveillance (PS) in combination with electronic security technologies provides a cost-effective, comprehensive protection and security against theft, vandalism, damage to property and injury to the health of persons.We prepare for you the solution with profesional approach and  analysis of your requirements . We prepare the security project fitted for you with a risk analysis and offer you variant sof its implementation.

 Physical security includes:

  • patrol service
  • receptionist service ochranu osob (bodyguarding),
  • ensure of intervention service
  • turn – key safety project

Within these services internal and external security is part of the work PS:


  • ensuring of the peace and order in the guarded objects and premises
  • reception and information service
  • guarding of premises with weapons,specially trained dogs,
  • regular patrols
  • fire protection and operation of electronic security and camera systems
  • check the drives-in and exits, including materials and crews of the vehicles
  • ensuring of transport-operational rules
  • check the entry of persons and employees
  • records of the duty course
  • protection of persons
  • escort and physical surveillance at the cash transport
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