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ESS for vehicles

Simple, reliable and affordable ways to secure your vehicle. Using the installed vehicle unit we provide you continous surveilance of your vehicle and its trace in the event of theft. By the localization of the position by the system of GPS in the vehicle unit we immediate trace the stolen vehicle.  To this way localizated vehicle is immediatedy navigated the Police or an intervention car of the system of ensuring of vehicles.

The system is designed not only to ensure the safety of the vehicle, but also for a comprehensive reports of your vehicle. You can get a complete overview of the service, and the cost of the operation. From the obtained information is created online book of operation. Your on- line access to the application of your car is a commonplace.

 In the case of providing fleet is a practical and effective tool. It will save a lot of trouble, time and financial costs.

You can find more informations  here.

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