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Electronic security systems (ESS)

ESS – under this acronym hides "electronic security system - technical equipment for monitoring and securing of premises. The main purpose of ESS is to ensure the safety.

 ESS can be used to ensure the buildings, outdoor, mobile device (for example, containers, mobile cells, temporary buildings), etc. ESS also ensures the safety of persons, both in buildings and in the open space.

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The cornerstone of each ESS is the host, from which are also linked individual security, measuring, information, alternatively regulatory elements. The device is designed as an autonomous element with its own source of power for case of power loss. This feature is important for maintaining the functionality of the device under all circumstances.

The first building block of the ESS – each system includes individual device (detectors), which are placed in the monitored area.The base are detectors to ensure safety (motion detectors, mechanical detectors for windows, doors, fire detectors). The patro f ESS can be also  detectors ensuring an area operation (temperature detectors, gass detectors, flood detectors) and detectors ensuring safety of people (emergency medici buttons, panic buttons).

The second building block of the ESS – to the security system You can also add the elements of control and monitoring to ensure the comfort  use of ESS. It is possible to control the technology, such as heating, air conditioning, irrigation, ventilation, camera systems. These technologies can be controlled remotely, and not only directly in the object, but even from remote locations. There is no problem, for exampleto ensure theturning on/off  heater, or just "have a look" through the camera systém, chat is happening in the object at any given time.

The third buiding block of the ESS – overwiev and records f what's going on now,and also about what happened. An unquestionable advantage is the possibility to fading out  the status of the object, for example, after your return from holiday. It is possible to find out whether the neighbor really wattered the flowers ,when he/she was moving in your object object and for how long. You can find out retrospectively , who namely entered the oject. Now, the system ESS provide on overwiev of the consumption of electric energy, heat, water consumption, etc. and can even inform you aoud the exceeding of the set limit.

 There is a wide portfolio of ESS now on the market. Their quality, functionality and price ranges move from several thousands to tens of thousands. Therefore is suitable to konsult the choose with experts – same as, when you buy a computer or a car.

Therefore our company offers free advise and we are glad to design your security system to your full satisfaction.

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