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Components of ESS

The base of each ESS is the system of detectors and control components ensuring the functionality of all the system.

1. Basic safety detectors

  • motion detectors- these detectors react to heat and movement. Their use is possible by its construction for the internal, as well as for outdoor spaces.The basic differentiation for the use is the sector (angle) of the detected space. This sector of the detected space is from the angle of 10 ° (curtain) to 360 ° (the circular).
  • magnetic detectors – the basis for the detection of magnetic detectors is mechanical disconnection of contacts. These detectors are used to ensure the mechanical barriers of the object (window, door, gates, skylights).
  • fire detectors – an important part of ESS for own protection not only the object, but also of life.Detection is based on monitoring of ignition by detection of smoke-filled space. Its sensitivity is so great that it can be activated by the smoke from cigarettes.
  • gas detectors - an important part of ESS for  own protection of life. In the case when the gas-consuming appliance in a household, this detector should be placed into the space with such appliance.The detector detects CO gases, natural gas, propane butane.
  • panic buttons – simple device, which, in conjunction with ESS, protect your life or life of your closes.. panic button is not intended only for the case of robbery or assault by a criminal but is intended e.g. for call in the help in case of health problems. A person who holds such a button, never left without help.

2. Control components of ESS

For easy control system ESS are intended the control components:

  • control keyboard– serves for control of ESS, both users and technicians. By this keyboard you can code or decode the system (or its part),  but also perform tasks connected with the installation of equipment, for example, to add or remove the detector in the systemale také provádíte úkony spojené s instalací zařízení například – přidání či odebrání detektoru do systému, set of the coming and exit intervals, setting of the functionality of individual detectors, Viking the history of ESS, etc.
  • external control keyboard– serves for the users control of ESS, you can place it anywhere,  and from this keyboard is not possible to programm ESS. Using this keyboard, you increase the security of your object significantly.
  • external outdoor keyboart – serves for the users control of ESS and is possible to place it to the outdoor spaces. By this keyboard is not possible to programm ESS. Using this keyboard, you increase the security of your object significantly, and that you don´t have to set to the system the coming and exit intervals.
  • remote controls (keyring)– a very important element for the control of ESS. You can comfortable code/decode the object on the keyrings,  and that olnly by pressing of aproppriate button. An unquestionable advantage is the possibility to code the selected part of the object. So you can code by pressing the button only that part of ESS, in which are not moving at the moment (e.g. ground floor in the night and you can sleep safely).
  • control by using your mobile phone –system ESS allows you to code/decode remotely by using your mobile phone. So you can e.g. from vacation allow access e.g. repairers.  Then he same way you can secure the object after they leave.

3. Warning components of ESS

  • internal siren – important part of ESS. In the case of alarm the siren starts alarming sound.This way the ESS notify you of „uninvited quests“ if you are at home or makes their stay unpleasant. Appreciable function is then at raise of fire or gas alarm, when you are at home and you are informed about the danger immediately.
  •  outdoor siren– another important part of ESS. In the case of an alarm and your absence alert your neighborhood about the alarm and if your neigbors are reasonable, can prevent damage on your property.

At the selection and compilation of individual componentsof ESS, we offer a free consultation, EZS and put together the whole system exactly according to your needs.. At compilation of the set we follow the needs budget of the client. In many cases, is set, which we recommend is fully satisfying and financially more advantageous than the set originally designed by the customer.

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