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About us

Europatron, s.r.o. together  with company Fenix International, s.r.o. create a unique security group, that provides professional security services throughout the territory of the Czech Republic and in the countries of EU. Most of our services we provide for more than twenty years, physical surveillance even since 1989, when we acted as a co-operative. We were always among the major entities forming the market without security or legal excesses.

We care for the maximum discretion and professionalism, which not only demonstrates our long-standing effects on the market, but also hundreds of our satisfied clients.  We analyze, we design and implement large systems for transnationals and small systems for your apartment, house, cottage, car or boat.

Every client is equally esteemed




Our technology center is made up of, in particular, the parent organisation Europatron and covers the full range of technical security and related services, including the continuous monitoring with the use of the unique ARC – Automatic Receiving Center, designed according to our requirements in the highest category.

Our services include:

  • Consulting and risk analysis
  • Project and system solution made-to-measure
  • ARC- nonstop services of Automatic Receiving Center
  • ESS  – installation, revisions, and manage electric alarm systems
  • Remote GPS/GPRS monitoring of objects, archive, evaluation and data transmission
  • Remote monitoring of vehicles, people and things
  • Follow-up logistic service for processing of data from a vehicles, ships and other means of transport
  • CCTV - installation and remote monitoring camera systems
  • ACC - installation and remote monitoring systems of access and attendance
  • Physical surveillance
  • Services of intervention units
  • Timesharing services
  • E-gaurding
  • Receptionist, file or host services
  • Information services, etc.

Our professionalism we prove by:

  • Satisfied clients and the thousands of historical references from multinational companies to individuals
  • The certificate of the Chamber of Commercial Security CR
  • The active participation in the Chamber of Commercial Security CR
  • Certification of quality management systems (ISO 9001) and information security (ISO/IEC 27001) on the basis of Quality and Safety Policy
  • Technology specially adjusted to the requirements of our company (a similar system used today only T-mobile, ČEZ, Skanska, Telefonica O2) in the class III.
  • Provable expertise of our employees and management
  • Liability insurance - Europatron s.r.o. has agreed the liability insurance to the amount of 40 million CZK. Fenix International, s.r.o.. in the amount of 150 million CZK. For special cases it is possible to increase flexibly the amounts of insurance.
  • Exemplary cooperation with the authorities, the police and State Administration (participation in the Advisory Council to the Ministry of Interior)
  • Cooperation with the Academic Community
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