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Monitoring of vehicles

Monitoring of vehicles is a modern way of ensuring the safety and operation of the vehicle. It is intended for comprehensive security vehicles, the protection of cargo space in case of alarms and protection against theft. Location using the GPS system allows you to search for stolen vehicles, where appropriate, promptly navigation police or emergency assistance quickly.Location using the GPS system allows you to search for stolen vehicles, alternatively promptly navigation of the  Police or emergency assistance.

From the operational point of view, we can ensure optimal treatment with the vehicle, and thus significantly enhance the possibility of the effective use of the. The part is the portal solution – book of journeys. You can see the mileage, average consumption, the route of the vehicle and other useful elements of the system. The important characteristic of the entire system, while is using correctly, is the reduction in operating costs per vehicle, or even to the entire fleet.

In the private sector is an important element of ensuring vehicle monitoring against theft. For more detailed information please click here.

Europatron offers this services in field of the vehicle monitoring:



The system suitable both for private persons and self-employed person, as well as for small and large fleet. The internet aplication with Nonstop operation, service quarantee and data back up. Thanks to the use of the most modern technologies GPS a GSM provide detail informations in real time with high exactness.

I tis not only about the creation of the book of journeys „late data collection from vehicles“ but also about living control system with many tolls for operation allowing immediate solving of unexpected situations.


What the system can do?

  • automatic processing of the book of journeys and sending of informations
  • on-line monitoring throughout Europe, administration and vehicle maintenance overview
  • the data import from CCS, Shell
  • text and graphic overviews about operation
  • measurement of the consumpion and the state of fuel in the tank
  • variable setting of device accordingly to the operation conditions (detail records)
  • bidirectional communication vehicle – portal
  • export data in formats PDF, XLS, XML, GPX…
  • access to the application via cell phone and PDA
  • professional installation and service
  • processing of the data also from abroad
  • all data collected from vehicles can be export to formats already defined

Other function of the service:

  • control over the movement of the vehicle - the function "order tracking"
  • function for calculating work orders and business trips including foreign
  • function „servis“ checks for you and watch the time to change operating fluids, tireschanging and types of maintenance optional by user
  • all data collected from vehicles can be export to formats already defined (PDF, MSOffice,
  • OpenOffice, etc.) and directly to your internal system or accounting program.Possibility to add   user – defined functions follows from the operating mode of your vehicles – machinery etc.



  • for both passenger and freight cars
  • We provide 24-hour supervision of Your vehicle and its track in the event of theft
  • System for comprehensive
  • A system for the comprehensive security of vehicles call in the hlep in the event of alarms and protection against theft.
  • location of the position using GPS

How it works?

  1. Secretly installed system is activated in case of assault of the vehicle
  2. Information from the vehicle is passed to the operating center
  3. The dispatcher of the operating center contact the owner of the vehicle and after the password verification carry out the checking of incurred state
  4. If necessary, activate the intervention unit in the place of the event

What the system can do?         

  • locate the vehicle in the territory of the whole of Europe by using the GPS system (coordinates, altitude, speed)
  • transmit alarm statuses from the vehicle to the operations centre
  • to inform about an accident through the crash sensor

How works the operating center (monitoring center) ARC?

  • Nonstop operation ensure an immediate reaction
  • All non-standard and alarm statuses are immediately consulted with the authorised person
  • The protection of personal data and maximum discretion is retain – information only based on password verification
  • The system checks the standard states the key values of the vehicle (the main and backup battery)
  • In the event of theft of the vehicle is activated the intervence unit, which ensure the vehicle anywhere in Europe
  • Ensures all operations in the case of assault vehicle-control intervention

For the purchase of security into the vehicle, please, click here

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