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Monitoring of buildings



Monitoring of the premises is carried out on the basis of the remote transmission of signals from electronic security system ESS. Immediately after the receiving of the signal, which is evaluated as alarm, the operator of ARC perform such actions, which lead to avoid the danger, prevent damage and ensure the object.

The most important element in monitoring is to ensure the safety of the object. If there is monitored the alarm signal in the object, the operator of ARC inform about that the contact persons immediately , send an intervence unit  to the object and also ensure following communication with the unit, authorized person, alternatively with the Police or other organ of the integrated rescue system (IRS).

 It is possible to evaluate all of the transmitted signals. By this step is possible to ensure also operational and technical supervision of the object.


Europatron dispose of:

  • monitoring center ARC certified in the security class 3 (class 4 has ČNB only)
  • specially trained operators
  • a team of experts in the field of security
  • technologically highly-developed systems
  • large portfolio of monitoring services for individual customers needs

Additional services:

  • monitoring of opening/closing of the object
  • monitoring of non closing  at given time
  • failure of  technological units
  • monitoring of the temperature in the object
  • monitoring by using CCTV (cameras system)
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