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Management of the company





Ing. Peter Menky   (Sales and Marketing Director)

Eudcation:        Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Economy and Administration

Work experience:     

2011 – to the present       Europatron, s. r. o.  -  Sales and Marketing Director

2009-2011                    Milkpol Slovakia, s. r. o. -  Sales and Marketing Director

2008-2009                    Chequit Inn Ltd. -  Sales and Marketing Director

2006-2008           VAJDA Group, s. r. o. -  Marketing Specialist, Marketing Manager

2005-2006                       Czech Tel s.r.o. -  Marketing Assistant



Michal Vodička   (Operating Director)

Work experience:

2000- 2005         Agency of security Vitera Security Center – Deputy Director of ARC

2005-2007          Agency of security ADT Security – Deputy Director of Operations

2007-2010          Agency of Security Fenix, a. s. – DeputyDirector of Department ofcentral and technical services+ Director of ARC

2010- to the present   Agency of Security  Director of Central Services



Ing. Adam Hawiger  (Regional Manager)

Work experience:

2002 – 2010            NOVÁ HUŤ – OSTRAHA, spol. s r. o. - The Head of the Operational Department

2010 – to the present   FENIX INTERNATIONAL, spol. s r. o. – Regional Manager



Ing. Josef Maixner  (External consultant for special projects)

Vzdělání:          Czech Technical University, Prague

                           Electro-Technical Faculty

Work experience:                         

1972 – 1981 ČSLA, technical and technical-command function

1981 – 1982 Installation and maintenance of radio stations (MÚR Bratislava – establishment Počaply) – service and assembly worker

1982 – 1993 Tesla Pardubice, development worker, Deputy of Chief of the Development Department for the radio stations and radio systems

1993 – 2004 RADOM, s. r. o., Pardubice, Managing Director, Partner, Director of development, Commercial Director

2005 – 2010 Agency of Security Fenix, a. s., Prague, Technical Director, Director of the Central of Technical Services and Product Manager for technical and safety services

2011 – to the present – entrepreneur in the field of safety technology and systems, communications systems, consulting

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