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The basic equipment of the vehicle

The Protection against unauthorized use of the vehicle is provided by an unattended systemThis system is automatically activated and deactivated based on the presence of identification cards (pendant). This card the user of the vehicle must have on he/sh. In case of the absence of this card and starting up of the vehicle will activate the alarm message, which can be deactivated only by the presence of the card. The system allows you to control the additional security elements, e.g. leaning sensors, spatial sensors, etc.


Optional security components:

  • Unattendedidentification systemoffers maximum comfort of automatic activation and deactivation of the safety circuits without the need of operator intervention. In this way is excluded any error that may cause any loss of the vehicle
  • Leaning sensor monitor the tampering with the vehicle after its parking. Inform about attempting to tow or load of the vehicle, as well as tires theft attempt
  • Panic button serves for call in the help in case of attack or threat
  • Crash sensorinforms you about the accident of the vehicle. This information allows to shorten the run out time of rescue service, which is called by dispatching.
  • Modul STOP-RIDE is a system for the safe immobilisation of the vehicle. An additional element that allows you to control the safe immobilisation of the vehicle from the dispatcher workplace. This module is used only in the event of theft of the vehicle and, in coordination with the intervention unit
  • Sabotage sensor protects the interior of the vehicle against the attack on the system in the vehicle. Any attempt on the dismanting of the interier in places, which endangering the functionality of the system, is signalized such as an alarm status.
  • Modul of the protection of GSM interference reliablyidentifies an attack of the vehicle by using illegally sold jammers of GSM signal.Protects the vehicle in the event of such attack, and then passes the information to the operating centre.
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