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Founding of the company 1989

The first company of our group started to provide  professional security services already in 1989 and became the first private entity of its kind in the Czechoslovak Republic.


Already since 1991 the services have been provided under the mark Fenix International s.r.o.Activity was initially focused on the guard and protective services, detective services, transport of cash and valuables, monitoring of premises using the automatic receiving center, including providing of the installation of technical security systems, provision of detective services and the services of a personal protection – bodyguarding.

 Thanks to high professionalism, very quickly entrenched among the leading companies in the market.. An example may be the first transports of cash for Česká spořitelna, realized in 1991 already, services for leading banks followed (ČSOB, KB, UNB, IPB), industrial enterprises (Typografie, thermal power stations and objects of ČEZ, water companies), the authorities of State administration (The Ministry of trade and industry, the prison Vinařice, ČEPRO) and hundreds more.


Fenix International s.r.o.in 1993, became one of the founding members of the Chamber of Commercial Security CR formed at the initiative of the Defence and  Security Committee of the Chamber of Deputies..

Among our clients belonges also celebrities as Tom Cruise, Erich von Daniken, David Coperfield and Claudia Schiffer.  Company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia directly employed almost 2500 employees in all areas of security


To this period, between the minor owners apeared banking houses (Československá obchodní banka, Money Change Holland B.V, Pojišťovna universal). In 1996 came the change and new major owner of Fenix International became  joint-stock company. The number of clients that use the remote surveillance, exceeded 2500 and the number of clients that use the services of the quarding exceeds 400..


In that year, the company participated in the guarding of meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Prague and in 2002 NATO Summit in Prague. The active assistance provided the company during the floods in 2002, on the territory of the Czech Republic (in particular in South Bohemia) and to save from water affected possession at the Prague exhibition grounds. Gradually moved parts of the main activities to the subsidiary  joint-stock company

In 2000 the FENIX group join also known security company Agnesa a.s. with nearly 600 employees.


From the original group have been earmarked in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the second largest organisation of its kind, joint-stock company Agency of Security Fenix a.s. (CR and SR) and was sold to the Swedisch Securitas (Securitas ČR). This means a new transformation of the original group and then Fenix Internatioal s.r.o. was for his exceptional career potential bought up by the present – technology company Europatron s.r.o., which roof the whole  group nowadays. From the originally linked group was later allocated the Agency of Security Fenix CIT, current Loomis CR belonged to the transnational giant Loomis AB.





At the end of 2009 there was a decision to keep the current traditional portfolio in the company Fenix International, spol. s r.o. and new modern technologies, more demanding, not only on a professional service ,but also for investment, to integrate into the superior parent company  Europatron s.r.o. Maintaining the old and traditional brand came to the sinergic link, and the formation of new and dynamic group of European format with progressive management – the group EUROPATRON.



Fenix International s.r.o.is still the best traditions follower and the company, that was always able to offer services and solutions beyond its competitors (most recently, for example, in the comprehensive range for ArcelorMittal Ostrava a.s.). EUROPATRON remains  the renowned provider of professional solutions of the technical safety, including a separate division ARC (Automatic Receiving Center), and also the overall leader of the group, which has more than 238 employees in the area of security.



The company Europatron s.r.o. has gained another important business clients:

HORNBACH BAUMARKT CS, spol. s r.o.  and  FAST a.s. - PLANEO elektro. To thesepartners delivers revolutionary security device, which in its class is the unrivaled market leader. There was also expansion of a technology center of five monitoring technologies  - people and vehicles (tracking GPS / GPRS / SMS).

The company AGRPOFERT HOLDING a.s.  also has becomeour major client in 2012, when we worked for this company project sites and security solutions and then we realized this project.

T- Mobile Hornbach ArcelorMittal
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