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Modern security system MATRIX PATRON

Modern security system MATRIX PATRON

Europatron s.r.o. is coming out on the market with a product that is „tailor-made“ for the public-private households and sole traders. MATRIX PATRON is for its quality and compliance with all standards meant to appeal wide spectrum of consumers. This is a revolutionary solution on the market of security devices. For unrivalled price of domestic security system obtains the customer the same function, which is to be found for large professional security systems.

The product is sold under the brand name MATRIX Patron in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The normal price of the device with similar technical characteristics and functions is several times higher  on the market. Basic set may be variably modified and extended to about 120 wireless components. A great advantage of the device Matrix Patron is the possibility to split the monitoring into two separate circuits (night/day mode) Each wireless component to reach up to 100 m. If the signal strength is not sufficient, it is possible to install a signal amplifierto ensure complete functionality of the device.  In the additional components you can choose and special detectors, which serves to ensure the general safety.

The assembly of the pre-installed basic set can handle anyone according to the manual, if necessary is available the helpline 24 hours a day. We chose the variant with shortened manual for the Czech market. But in the package is delivered also the extensive manual, including a description of all variants of device usage.

Extensions of the basic set is very simple, and the customer can handle the entire installation himself again. The basic set is already pre-programmed, so the consumer only takes out the product from the box, sets the basic attributes and places.

For this product is extablished by our company the phone line, which is in operation non stop. The customer may call on it for the help with installation and assembly of the device.


Ensuring of the safety of the object

The device has a built-in phone GSM Communicator. If a SIM card of any operator is inserted in the communicator, send the device detected states on the customer telephone. Mode of transmission of detected states is carry out by SMS or dialing a phone number. In the device, you can set up to 5 mobile phone numbers,with which the device can communicate. The user of the device has ensured complete control over the entire device.

The device allows the remote transmission of clearly specified alarms. The user is always informed of exactly from which detector was the alarm monitored,  what kind of alarm it is (break-in, fire, gas leaking). Informations about electricity failure and the open/close statuses of the object are transmitted as well.

Summary of user benefits:

  • advantageour price of device - ratio price/permormance
  • wireless design of the product, modern design
  • the possibility to install simply by yourself
  • the simple control directly from the keypad of the device
  • non-maintenance operation
  • the possibility of connection to ARC (through the mobile network provider)
  • savings in insurance of households in the case of connection to ARC
  • you can arrange everything concerning your safety on one phone
  • proffesional service 24 hours a day - permanent assistance help line
  • the possibility of savings in insurance cost
  • complexity of provided additional detectors - the possibility to extend up to 120 sensors
  • the possibility to place sesors outside the object (garage, cellar, etc.) - reach of the device up to 100 m
  • the possibility of physical surveillence of the object in case of an assault detection - intervention unit
  • tjhe possibility to secure your home step by step, exactly according to your needs
  • dividing in two separate circuits (day/ night mode)
  • signalization of low battery at the conctrete detector shown on the alarm host
  • signalization of the alarm with stating, which detector caused the alarm
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