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How to secure a house/apartment and get a discount on insurance

How to secure a house/apartment and get a discount on insurance

On the market of the security systems have appeared, already for some period of time, also categories of cheaper security systems (for less than CZK 6000,-). These devices do not require professional installation, and therefore do not meet the level 1. the security class. People can't get a discount on home insurance thanks to this security element.

The company  Europatron, s. r. o., came at the end of the year 2011 on the market with the revolutionary security system, which sould address a wide spectrum of consumers. In particular, those who cannot afford to invest in expensive professional security systems, but they don't want to lose the possibility of discounts on household insurance.

This device MATRIX PATRON is homologated for monitoring technological centre ARC, Europatron s. r. o. By connecting of this device to the ARC of Europatron, s. r. o. (monthly fee from CZK 300,-) is possible,in spite of such  device, (unrivaled in its class and by its features comparable with professional systems) get discounts on household insurance.


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